I have always been a person who had (too) many options to choose from. When I was young I thought it would be best to pursue all my interests, and I had many. I believed that it would benefit me to try to be the best in all my endeavors and to develop skills intellectually, creatively and physically. Believe it or not, but I tried and I succeeded for the most part…until I discovered that spreading my talents widely did not benefit the in depth maturity needed to pursue a professional career in any of my interests. I found out the hard way that there is just so much energy and time to divide and that choices had to be made. And that is what I have done, making choices, so far I have not regretted any of them. After making the choice for a creative teaching career as an art teacher and an industrial arts teacher, I decided two years ago that now the time had come to develop my scientific interests. In the Netherlands, where I am from, I attended a science based secondary school and continued with a biology study after that. However, I switched after a year to study one of my other passions: art. After teaching art and design technology for 17 years, I started to study for a Master’s degree in Physics Education, which I will finish in June 2012. In 2009, I already received a Master’s degree in Education: Curriculum and Instructional Strategies.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey through “old’ and new scientific knowledge and I am looking forward to the role I will play in improving science education and to my contribution to all students in becoming scientific literate people. With my creative background, I will emphasize a new way of creative teaching and learning about science that reflects how science itself is done; emphasizing inquiry as a way of acquiring knowledge and understanding about the world.