Nienke Adamse                                   4/20/21

I am a person with multiple interests, both professionally and personally.

Professionally I am highly qualified and certified to teach Art, Industrial Arts or Technology Education (also called Engineering), Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. I hold two bachelor’s degrees, one in Visual Arts Education and one in Technology Education. Additionally, I hold two master’s degrees, one in general Education and one in Science Education (Physics). I am working on a third master’s degree in Biological Science Education, which I hope to complete in July 2021.

As a teacher I bring all my qualifications together to create a more interdisciplinary curriculum. Four years ago, I developed and started teaching a STEAM curriculum for our district in which I offer a project-based approach. Each project includes a science component, an engineering or designing component, a math component and the component that brings it all together through artistic and creative problem solving is Art. As for teaching science, I try to engage my students by hands-on projects such as constructing models and posters of science concepts, inquiry-based projects and outdoors experiences. Learning by doing is my main teaching philosophy.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey through “old’ and new scientific knowledge and I am looking forward to the role I will play in improving science education and to my contribution to all students in becoming scientific literate people. With my creative background, I will emphasize a new way of creative teaching and learning about science that reflects how science itself is done; emphasizing inquiry as a way of acquiring knowledge and understanding about the world.